Monday, 9 March 2015

Chiao Yun Xie Is An Experienced Marriage Counselor

Chiao Yun Xie is an experienced marriage counselor, whose advice has proved instrumental in the life of several couples. He has had clients, who after seeking professional support from him changed their decision to separate from their partner. Chiao assists couples and individuals leading an unhappy married life due to reasons, like infidelity, power struggles, communication problems, etc. According to him, seeking professional guidance from a marriage counselor is extremely important for a couple as soon they see discontent arising in their relationship. Effective therapy, he believes is likely to successfully address many aspects of a relationship, which are often neglected by couples.

Chiao Yun Xie has been working as a marriage counselor for more than twenty-five years and holds a proven record of satisfied clients. After dealing with so many couples in his career, his faith in the institution of marriage has greatly increased. He calls marriage a union of two souls that must be protected at any cost. While addressing the problem of his clients, he does his best to guide them towards the right direction.

Chiao Yun Xie says that the best way to avoid any unfavorable situation to worsen is to talk, discuss the problem, & look for the solution rather than repeatedly engage in arguments. He tells his clients to work through their problems & try to get over all the pessimistic feelings they have for their partner. He applies the same on his married life too, which probably is one of the biggest reasons for his happy married life. He has been married  to his wife Yana for twenty years & has two sons – Jackie and Chang. He always makes sure to take out time for his family no matter how busy he is.

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