Thursday, 7 May 2015

Chiao Yun Xie Is A Highly Experienced Photographer In France

Chiao Yun Xie is listed among the most popular photographers, based in France. He has traveled many countries across the globe. He is engaged in the photography field for more than 18 years. He has photographed many celebrities, businesspersons, and musicians in France and worldwide. He is a very talented, experienced photographer who has been featured in many photography magazines. In addition, he has also received numerous awards in the photography field.

Born in 1975 in France, Chiao Yun Xie has interests in photography since his childhood. During his school days, he used to visit parks, streets, and public areas near his house for doing photography. His father was a police officer and mother was a school teacher. He learned a lot from her parents. His mother taught him not to lose heart if he does not succeed as dedication and hard work can help to achieve any goal. He studied photography and graphic arts at one of the world’s most reputed renowned universities.

When it comes to the most reputed photographers in France, Chiao Yun Xie tops the list. He is familiar with all the techniques of photography, and knows how to click the most attractive, beautiful photos. He specializes in family, baby, fashion, and wedding photography. He takes good care of the clients needs, and does all efforts to fulfill that.

Besides photography, Mr. Chiao is also involved in many charitable works. He supports various women welfare organizations, and is the owner of a non-profit organization that provides books and scholarships to intelligent students from 1st to 5th standard. He has two sons and one daughter whom he loves very much. He always takes out some time to mingle with them even in busy work schedules. He likes traveling different places across the world. Additionally, his hobbies also include playing volleyball, cricket, and paintball.

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